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I started working with Reliable Payroll 2 years ago and no matter what my question is, I always leave the phone call feeling that my payroll specialist has taken care of everything for me. Since I work with the same woman every week, she knows my payroll inside and out. I couldn't imagine working with a payroll company where I worked with someone different every time and was transferred from department to department trying to find someone to help me...

At Reliable Payroll, I even have a CPA assigned to my account, who works directly with my company's CPA to make sure that all is well while I am busy growing my restaurant.

Karen Baney

Owner of Checkers Restaurant

We had run our payroll for 2 months with one of the over-sized payroll corporations and that was enough for us. There were constantly problems with our payroll because we had to call a 1-800# and no one ever knew our account.

Any time we needed to fix a problem, we were forced to keep repeating our problem to different payroll operators in different departments until they found someone who could finally help.


With Reliable Payroll, we have a team who knows our restaurant, staff and payroll. We are able to get our specialist on the phone within 60 seconds and many times they'll make suggestions so that problems don't occur in the first place.


The best part is, we receive far better service with Reliable Payroll and save money doing exactly that! If you are looking for a payroll company who can handle all of your payroll needs and make payroll very easy, give them a call.


Paul D

Co-Owner of Roast Sandwich House

Our dental office is a "full service" practice, located on the upper west side with over 25 employees. We needed an equally full service payroll processing company. After bouncing from payroll company to payroll company, we finally found the right fit with Reliable Payroll. We receive the personal attention we expect from our payroll company, with all the service and more than the mega companies provide.We have had the same service rep, the entire five years we have been with Reliable, not to mention we have a CPA assigned to our account, who answers all of our intricate payroll questions. Reliable payroll has made our payroll easy as 1-2-3. 


Dr. William Esh

Owner of West End Dental, New York NY

Reliable Payroll promised me from the beginning that they would always be there to help and they have stayed true to their word. Whether it's allowing me the ability to text in my payroll or the way their team makes it a point to bring by their clients to dine at my restaurant, Reliable Payroll, you guys do a great job making us feel like a valued client! I love the personal touches that you offer in helping our business and with our payroll!


Justin Tempelman

Owner of JT's On The Bay

I have been working with Michael Smith for 8 years, even prior to the creation of Reliable Payroll, and we can honestly say there is no one we are more comfortable referring our friends and clients to for their payroll needs. Reliable Payroll more than delivers on every level, from custom reports to human resources. There is no company we prefer to deal with for payroll processing or that even come close to comparing on a customer service level.  Their ability to customize reports for our clients truly helps to make bookkeeping and record keeping very simple. We highly recommend Reliable Payroll to anyone looking to make their payroll a  very simple process.


Laura Bishop

Owner of HBK Business Services

Our restaurant has worked with the large payroll corporations and we became frustrated often with their limited flexibility. With Reliable Payroll, we have the option to process our payroll on Thursday, hand out the checks to our staff on Friday, but not have the tax monies debited until the following Tuesday. What a great way to help with cash flow! The team has been great to work with and we were even able to input a payroll on a Saturday and it was in our hands, same day! Amazing!Keep up the great work, guys...


Ronald Johnson

Owner of  Popeye's Louisiana Chicken

Before using Reliable Payroll Service we employed a “big box” payroll company.  Around every 2 months we were assigned a new customer service representative.  I had to throw out the original business card from them because I had no more room to write in a new name.  At Reliable Payroll you speak to the same wonderful folks every time you call.  Great personalized service.  


We needed special assistance with a payroll delivery. I called Reliable Payroll and within 1 hour they came to our office & hand delivered it to me.  I gave the envelope to my office manager to distribute checks & she commented that the reports were still warm.  True story!!


If you’re looking for a professional, highly responsive & friendly payroll service then Reliable Payroll is it.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.  


Ed Shoulson

Owner of Rock Underground

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to thank you for all the hard work and time you have dedicated to helping my clients with their payroll. These days, payroll guys are a dime a dozen, but you sure do differentiate yourself from the pack. The way you guys have made the process so seamless for our clients, shows that you are dedicated to ensuring an impeccable client experience and being around for a long time to come. As someone who helps the same businesses  and business owners with their employee an executive benefits (health insurance, life and disability insurance and retirement plans), things need to happen accurately and they need to happen efficiently! I truly believe that companies like yours, if you continue to conduct business the way you have in recent years, will become the preeminent payroll processing solution for small to midsize companies! Nobody wants to call an 800 number and speak to a different person every time they have a question. I'm proud to have watched you and your team grow to where you are now and look forward to many more years of working with you and your firm! Thanks again!


Marc EisenshtatNorthwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual

We have shaken many hands and when someone continue to do what they say they will...Well,  it makes that hand shake golden. You and your team have exceeded our expectations after our many  failed attempts of relying on payroll companies to service our company.

You and your team are very competent, likable, have personality and, most importantly, do your jobs correctly, with minimal input necessary from the customer. We thank you for your services.


Kenneth Steir

Owner of Trio Sheet Metals

Dear Mike & Team Members, I must say, since switching to RELIABLE PAYROLL SERVICES, I"m consistently blown away, as to how quickly we get any questions answered and special requests completed by your Customer Service Team; Thank You again!

Rob Palumbo

Pres. / CEO Jiffy Junk LLC

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