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Michael Smith
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Michael Smith works his hardest every day to stand at the forefront of the fast moving payroll industry. He has spent the past 10+ years building Reliable Payroll Services with core values and a level of hand holding service to help every client feel like family and process their payroll in a way that best fits each client's needs.


A calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge, throughout his career, Michael has championed his referral partners to seamlessly link all of the "moving parts" of payroll so that payroll for tens of thousands of employees, across the country, continues to run perfectly. Michael is recognized for designing, landing, and leading the Strategic Channel strategies and Partner Incentives programs for Reliable Payroll Services. Throughout his 20+ year tenure, Michael has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building out channel programs. He has also developed and managed a profitable business model for ideas and services projected to be Reliable Payroll's next giant growth opportunities. His pricing models have helped business owners continually receive top notch service at a very fair price.


Michael holds a BA in Public Relations from SUNY Oswego where he graduated in 1997.  While working for one of the largest payroll corporations, Michael was a President Club winner 9 years in a row and consistently ranked among the Top 5% of his peers in business growth, as well as the recipient of "The Extra Mile" Award; demonstrating his continued desire to not only help implement clients, but to continually service them and treat them as family.


Upon realizing that the payroll corporations had grown too large and were now unable to provide the level of hand holding service that Michael grew up offering, he knew it was time to begin his own venture and Reliable Payroll Services was born in 2009.

Wayne Sitar
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The newest addition to Reliable Payroll, Wayne Sitar brings extensive knowledge in the payroll industry, as well as a burning desire to take Reliable Payroll Services to the forefront of providers in the payroll world. 


Wayne Sitar graduated in 2001 from Manhattan College, where he majored in Business Administration. Upon his graduation, he spent five years on Wall Street, working on the trading floor for Bear Stearns. He entered the payroll industry in 2006, and his true passion was born. He ranked as a top 10 sales representative for the largest payroll provider in the world. Wayne decided to take his passion for payroll to Reliable Payroll Services where he could directly impact their clients' bottom line.


Through networking and building valuable relationships with the accounting and banking community, Wayne has helped benefit over 1300 clients and an estimated 50,000 employees nationwide in his payroll tenure. He attributes his success to "hard work, dedication, and most importantly, extraordinary customer service." With his vast array of experience in both payroll and finance, he has the ability to evaluate, diagnose and make recommendations to help business owners streamline cash flow and ultimately become more profitable.


Wayne Sitar has many intuitive ideas and strategies on the horizon for Reliable Payroll Services. 

His ultimate goal is "to offer a payroll product and a service model to Reliable Payroll clients that they can not find anyplace else."

Joel Smith
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Joel R Smith, has been a member of the Long Island community his entire life. Having graduated from Stuyvesant H.S. in 1974 and Baruch College in 1979, Joel earned his CPA in 1984, and has recently celebrated 30 years as a CPA.

As a co founder of Reliable Payroll, Joel brings to the company his diverse experience working with businesses from all different types of industries and company sizes. Fondly known as the "Idea Guy" among his peers and throughout the company, Joel has been instrumental in working alongside the CPA community helping to implement clients with the most delicate of tax situations, as well as those with an intricate payroll process.

Love your CPA and wish they could be in two places at one time? Now they can, as Joel Smith, CPA is there to offer the hand holding you need on your sensitive tax questions, working closely with your company's CPA to make sure everything is perfect with your payroll week after week after week.

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