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Human Resources

Reliable Payroll now provides you with access to a
comprehensive library of HR-related information and our
HR On-Demand access.  With our HR On-Demand, you have the
ability to ask our HR Pros any HR related questions on topics like, 
ACA Compliance, Hiring and Firing, Employee & Workplace Administration, Employee Relations, Benefits, Leaves, Employee Rights, Termination and much more.  Need an Employee Handbook or a form letter?  Our HR pros will customize a document to meet your specific needs.  If you already have an employee handbook, just upload your old handbook to our team of HR pros, and they will update your handbook to comply with all of the new rules and lesgislation.  You will also receive up to the minute law alerts.  Our Law Alert system emails you every time there is a change in the employee benefit laws. Both Federal and State.
Now you can access all of your human resource needs right from your smart phone, with our new HR Mobile App.  

Already an HR On-Demand Customer?

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